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Frustrated that diet, dieting groups and gyms over the years have been ineffective for you? It is time to try Virtual Gastric Band London as a safe and pain-free alternative to the medical procedure to shred those pounds while eating the food you enjoy.

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What is a Virtual Gastric Band London?

Whether you eat habitually, mindlessly in front of the TV, or to emotionally deal with complicated feelings, restricting your food intake will help form new ways of responding to eating. That is what a Virtual Gastric Band London does, and it is hugely successful.

Surgical techniques have enabled many thousands to restrict their food intake over the years. However, those techniques can come with significant risks, discomfort, recovery time and sometimes complications.

However, this option can be fitted without any of that. In 4 sessions over 28 days, you will form new eating habits without consciously trying and with no discomfort or side effects.

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What Does the Virtual Gastric Band London Entail?


First of all, get in touch, and we can have a chat about your needs. If you have not already done so, set a realistic goal to achieve within a certain amount of time. Start Hypnotherapy require you to commit to 4 sessions of an hour each over four weeks.

You will be able to maintain the successes you have made through listening to a 15-minute recording every day for the whole of the 28 days of the treatment at a time that suits you.

Virtual Gastric Band London is not a diet, and you will be expected to forget everything you ever learned about diets and dieting.

How Much Does the Virtual Gastric Band London Cost?

It costs £550 for 4 sessions of 1 hour over four weeks. That’s it! You will also be given a recording to listen to daily and access to me for questions or concerns you have in between sessions.

Physical surgery costs range between £3,000 and £12,000 – not to mention the non-financial price to be paid like recovery, pain, and complications. That is a saving of at least £2,450.

If this sounds like something that could help you, all it takes is a simple email or phone call to ask more and book an appointment.


“Some of the techniques I have also used in other areas of my life and has overall made feelings of anxiety more manageable on a day to day basis. I would highly recommend Michael – thank you.”

- Patrick