Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss London

Feeling self-conscious because you are over-weight? Keep falling off the rails when you try to lose weight? Try Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss London to uncover why your eating habits exist and be able to start losing weight.

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What is Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss London?

A series of sessions to understand your subconscious reasons for eating the foods you eat that prevent you from losing weight. Sessions with Michael, your hypnotherapist, allows you to freely discuss your eating habits to uncover the causes while hypnotised. As your mind is receptive, Michael can make positive suggestions that change ill thinking to positive thinking and support your weight loss.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss London

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Why Do Some People Struggle to Lose Weight?


Losing weight is different for everyone. Some people find diets effective, while others like dieting groups and attending the gym. You may have tried these methods before but often fallen off the rails despite your best efforts. This may be because of your relationship with food and why you consume the types of food the way you do. By understanding the causes of your relationship, you can start to make the activities mentioned above work for you and stay on the rails.

How Does Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss London Work?


Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss London works by uncovering your relationship with food in terms of why you consume the foods you eat. Food is like a drug, and we often consume unhealthy foods as a reward for our hard work. But, we also consume it for comfort to deal with stressful situations. Hypnotherapy sessions aim to uncover the behaviour and to make positive suggestions leading to positive actions in your consumption. This allows you to lose weight healthily and keep it off when combined with diets and exercise.


“Some of the techniques I have also used in other areas of my life and has overall made feelings of anxiety more manageable on a day to day basis. I would highly recommend Michael – thank you.”

- Patrick

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