Hypnotherapy for Performance Anxiety London

Do you suffer from panic attacks before performing a particular activity? Try Hypnotherapy for Performance Anxiety London to open your mind to techniques that reduce your fears before and during the performance.

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What is Hypnotherapy for Performance Anxiety London?

It is a programme whereby you meet face-to-face or online with Michael. In these sessions, you will go naturally into a trance-like state whereby you can face your fears about the activities that cause your anxiety. Michael, a qualified hypnotherapist, will make suggestions to reduce your concerns. As your mind is receptive in this state, you are more likely to accept the suggestions given to you and action the techniques before and during your performance.

Hypnotherapy for Performance Anxiety London

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What is Performance Anxiety?


Performance anxiety is your fear to perform a task because you feel failure will result in humiliation and rejection. Whether it is a speech you need to deliver or sex with a partner, in some cases, it can lead to panic attacks. It is natural to feel anxious when you need to perform. But, if you have stage fright, you may experience excessive sweating, palpitations, chills, stomach knots, increased errors, shaking and nausea, and you may even back out.

How Does Hypnotherapy for Performance Anxiety London Work?

Our sessions will help you identify your fears and reframe your self-defeating thoughts. With Michael, you will discover mental techniques for reducing stage fright, such as visualising success, deep breathing, and focusing on you rather than the audience’s reaction. Soon you will be able to manage your performance anxiety.


“I had a couple of hypnotherapy sessions with Michael (mainly for anxiety) and I really didn’t know what to expect from it all. I found Michael and the experience to be incredibly helpful. Michael has a very calm manner and made me feel very at ease. I found the hypnosis very relaxing and comfortable and I couldn’t believe how different I felt, more relaxed and confident, even after two sessions!. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

- Niamh

What Could Happen If You Don’t Treat Performance Anxiety?

You are likely to continue feeling the way you feel before any performance. This may lead to poor performance at work, and potentially you may lose your job. And, if your anxiety is about sex with your partner, it may lead to a breakdown in your relationship, if it has not broken down already.

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