Terms and Conditions


Missed appointments or appointments cancelled within less than 24 Hours result in you being charged for the full session. Appointments cancelled between 48 and 24 hours before the session start time will be charged half the session fee if that appointment cannot be filled.

Hypnotherapy is an active process that requires participation and engagement from the client

Michael Pughsley is not a medical practitioner

The client must disclose any medical or psychiatric information that may be or become relevant to a course of hypnotherapy

If further medical information is required from a medical professional, hypnotherapy may not continue until that information is obtained

Lasting results may require a number of sessions

Michael Pughsley is not accountable for any results that may or may not be achieved from a course of hypnotherapy

The hypnotherapy may be discontinued at the discretion of Michael Pughsley who may refer the client elsewhere for suitable treatment

All information given in relation to this session is treated confidentially unless

  • disclosure is required by law

  • the client gives consent to disclose information such as to a medical practitioner

  • the client is in the therapist’s view in imminent danger or poses a danger to others