1. It’s like a magic wand

This is by far the more common misconception I come across with clients and potential clients alike: ‘you (the therapist) will do some hocus pocus that will fix me’. Er nope. Like anything you want to change in your life, you are the one to change it.

I think this myth comes in large part from stage hypnosis where people appear to be controlled by the hypnotist. In stage hypnotherapy, subjects are often chosen beforehand for their suggestibility, it is true. However, even there the person taking part is only responding to suggestion, not commands.

The problem with this myth is that many clients will approach a hypnotherapist thinking that if the stage hypnotist can make someone cluck like a chicken against their will, surely you can make me lose weight. Were that the case, anyone doing hypnosis would be fully booked and rich as Croesus.

No, you are in control. Which brings me to my next point.

2. I will lose control

In hypnosis you are always in control. Hypnotherapy in London is just that, therapy. Together we are trying to effect a change: a change in behaviour, in thinking and ultimately in the way you feel – for the better – and that requires your full engagement.

It’s a strange and mysterious business – the workings of the brain are strange and mysterious – but despite your conscious mind wandering off, a part of you will be taking on board the therapist’s suggestions to change your behaviour. ‘You’ will be taking suggestions to change ‘your’ behaviour. See?

No hypnotherapist should be suggesting you do anything beyond what you have agreed beforehand. Your therapist is just the sophisticated SatNav helping you get from A to B. You will not cluck like a chicken and you will not do or say anything that is outside of your moral beliefs. You will also remember everything you need to in order to effect that change.

3. I will fall asleep

I do have some clients who are worried that they might nod off in a session and sometimes (although rarely) that happens.

It is rare simply because whilst hypnosis appears to be a passive sleep-like state, it is in fact very active at a deep level of your subconscious mind. You are guided through suggestions often using dream-like scenarios engaging your active imagination. There is little risk of you nodding off while your mind is so busy.

Even if it does happen, who is to say what your mind will have absorbed and adopted at a deeper level.

4. I will get stuck in hypnosis

No one has ever expressed this concern to me but I am sure some think it. The answer is categorically no, you will not get stuck. If you take on board everything I have just said – you are in control, actively engaged in taking suggestions – that takes a lot of work that is not sustainable for very long. Often 40 minutes is more than enough for any client in hypnosis I find.

Remember it also takes a lot of active involvement from the therapist to guide you through your hypnosis journey and without that guidance, you will soon come back to waking consciousness.

I hope this has helped but you can find more information in the FAQs or you can just ask me by clicking on the button below.