One of the few benefits to be had from an absence of social and cultural distractions is the time to develop new interests and skills. I have taken the lock-down opportunity to learn a language and have been doing quite well. Before all you German speakers start booking appointments, it may be a while before you are able to get therapy with me in your native tongue but I am committed and improving all the time.

The thing about learning a language is that it requires focused attention. You have to be focused on it and not on your night out with your friends or your holiday that’s coming up – or that would have been coming up if it weren’t for quarantine. The more you are absorbed by it and repeat it in different contexts, the more you find it sticks in your mind. You don’t always know why and you don’t need to really. You just realise that a change has happened and you now can speak another language – maybe not perfectly but you are getting better all the time.

You will not be surprised when I tell you that change in our lives, whether it is behavioural or emotional, comes from a focused state of attention. Shutting out other distractions, even in a lock-down situation, can be challenging and that can make lasting change less likely. Making a commitment to focus a certain amount of time each day or working with a therapist over a period of time can change your life, however.

You may hear therapists asking clients to ‘commit to the process’ and it is not the cliché you might imagine it to be. Without your commitment to a course of therapy for however long it takes, lasting change may well elude you. It is like learning a language in fact: learning new ways to listen and respond to ourselves and the world around us.

Whether you suffer with anxiety, sexual dysfunction, weight management, phobia, low self-esteem, a sleep disorder, you can relate differently to it – speak a different language if you like. Hypnotherapy can help to quieten the everyday distractions of your conscious mind and get to work on changing the way your subconscious mind relates to the problem quickly and permanently. It may take a few sessions and you will need to be fully committed to working hard in partnership with your therapist but imagine what your life would be like on the other side of that change.

If that sounds like a commitment you want to make to change your life now, then the first step is to get in touch and find out more or to book an appointment.