I travel a few times a year like many people and like most journeys, it involves a flight in an aircraft. For me that is a beautiful and miraculous thing but for many it is a terrifying prospect and one that affects their life significantly, sometimes for weeks beforehand.

I know for many there are specific parts of a flight when their fear is at its most palpable. For some of my clients it is crossing the threshold onto the plane. For others it is an earlier threshold like the airport or security. For others still it maybe a particular smell or sound or sensation.

Of course, phobias can form about anything. Heights, buttons, crowds, fur, spiders. They sometimes get worse over time and can be very lifestyle limiting. Symptoms might include an increased heart rate, shortness of breath, sweating, shaking, crying, panic. Even those who continue to fly or climb or wear clothes with buttons and deal with spiders will have strategies to cope with often severe symptoms like these.

There is great news for anyone with a phobia – even if you call it something else like nervousness or anxiety – you do not need to suffer or cope with it. There is help available and hypnotherapy can provide a safe and effective way of leaving your phobia in the past.

The fact that a part of your mind is trying to protect you in a primitive sort of way is not really helping and it is time for you to move on with the help of hypnosis.

In hypnotherapy we help people to think and behave differently quickly by suggesting to that deep part of your mind that you no longer need that kind of protection; it is no longer helpful and there is a better way of responding.

Now if that sounds like good news to you, get in touch with me today and we will book a session.