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Did you know that you’re likely to have already been hypnotised? Allow me, Michael Pughsley, as a Hypnotherapist in London, to explain.

Until you make the unconscious conscious,
it will direct your life and you will call it fate

Hypnotherapist in London Explains The Truth Behind Hypnosis

Hypnosis is like programming a computer, our brain.

We have been all been exposed to programming ever since we left our mother’s womb. So, everything we have read, seen, heard, felt, or smelt has programmed our thoughts and, in effect, hypnotised us.

For example, a teacher telling us we would or would not be able to achieve a specific grade leads us to create thoughts that we will or will not be able to achieve a particular grade, especially as we think about it while we lay ready to enter a deep stage of sleep.

General Hypnotherapy Register

My name is Michael Pughsley, and I am a qualified Hypnotherapist in London, registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register, the National Guild of Hypnotists and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

I run Start Hypnotherapy, which provides hypnosis and hypnotherapy face-to-face and online; these are carried out from my hypnotherapy practice in central London.

Start Hypnotherapy
4 Staple Inn, London, WC1V 7QH
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Although I do not offer a free consultation, I do, however, provide a reduced fee for the initial consultation, which you can book here.

Hypnotherapist in London Michael Pughsley

What Happens With A Hypnotherapist in London

As we lay down to sleep, the stage before we go into a deep sleep, known as REM, is when our
brain activity is high, but our body feels relaxed.

Hypnosis guided by a Hypnotherapist in
London artificially creates a REM-like state. This trance-like state allows a hypnotherapist like
Michael Pughsley to make powerful psychological interventions in your subconscious mind.

These interventions could be embedding suggestions, providing direct instructions and
rehearsing new desired behaviours, such as rehearsing a public speaking event, some kind of
performance like an exam, a life without smoking or drug addiction.

In addition, this trance-like
state is ideal for unhooking traumatic experiences that lead us to develop phobias or post-
traumatic stress disorder.

You see, hypnosis is a way to change who you have become due to
negative messages or experiences in the past.

It’s like rewiring your brain for you to start
thinking better, feeling better and doing better.

You May Go Into Hypnosis Every Day

You may go into hypnosis almost every day doing everyday tasks. For example, when you are driving a car, riding a bike, or sitting on a train or a bus on your commute to work. You tend to fall into a trance, particularly when it is the same daily journey, as your mind does not pay attention to all the details it did the first few times. There are many other occasions when we enter into a trance without realising it highlighted by The Wellness Institute.

Benefits of Hypnosis

Stop Smoking

Multiple studies prove and disprove that hypnotherapy works for curbing your addiction to cigarettes. However, it is not a magic wand, and it does require an open mind, patience and determination to be effective. Nonetheless, evidence suggests combining multiple techniques such as hypnotherapy with other methods can be an effective way for smoking cessation. 

Lose Weight

Studies show that 80% of weight loss is due to food choices and consumption levels, and 20% is down to exercise. Hypnotherapy aims to uncover your eating habits and triggers to improve your choices and reduce your consumption. In combination with exercise, you can be a healthier and fitter you. 

Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep

Your fear of not being able to sleep or stay asleep causes insomnia. Hypnosis attempts to reduce and remove your fear of your inability to fall asleep or stay asleep. As a Hypnotherapist in London, one way of doing this is by helping you recall a time when you had a beautiful, deep and restful sleep leaving you feeling fresh in the morning. Furthermore, allowing you to remove the label “I have insomnia”.

Overcome a Phobia

Overcoming a fear, or intense fear, otherwise known as a phobia, starts by uncovering the traumatic experience or learnt behaviour. For example, do you have a phobia of spiders because you were pushed into a cupboard of spiders when you were little, or is it because a parent screamed when they saw a spider? These are two different experiences that require a different approach using hypnosis. 

Relieve Anxiety

There are many different methods to reduce the anxiety you may feel associated with a particular event or on a day-to-day basis. Hypnotherapy sessions help you visualise when this event or a time in your life when you did not feel anxious to relive those moments in your thoughts to help them become your daily behaviour.

Improve Performance

Performance comes in all forms. Start Hypnotherapy typically sees clients with performance anxiety associated with public speaking and sex with a partner. Through a series of hypnotherapy sessions, the aim is to understand the root cause of failure leading to humiliation and rejection that can escalate to panic attacks. Then, help you play the event in your mind the way you want it to go. This is a widespread practice amongst athletes and business people.

Feel Happier

Depression is a complex state of mind that requires intervention and is not as simple as getting yourself together, especially as it’s prolonged. Often connected to anxiety, understanding the cause or causes of your depressions is the only way to reframe your mind to see your life without depression. 

Manage Bereavement

Bereavement of a person or animal is a challenging experience for many
people. Hypnotherapy helps by recalling those positive and enjoyable memories you have with your loved one, whoever or whatever they may be, without feeling overwhelmed by grief and pain.

Feel Calm

Stress is the pressure that has become difficult to manage—often caused by employment,
family or your financial situation. It can often lead to anxiety disorders and even depression.
Hypnotherapy can help your mind see more clearly and manage your stress.

Testimonials from Clients who had Hypnotherapy in Central London

Jenny said:

“Michael has made a significant difference to my life, enabling me to unlock my potential and to embrace the ‘best’ of myself. I sought help through a difficult and challenging time and Michael quickly put me at ease to get the best from my session, and over the course of 3 or 4 sessions not just overcoming issues but helping me to grow as a person too. Michael is incredibly perceptive and has a talent for catching details that are more important than we realise. I would highly recommend him.”


Niamh said:

“I had a couple of hypnotherapy sessions with Michael (mainly for anxiety) and I really didn’t know what to expect from it all. I found Michael and the experience to be incredibly helpful. Michael has a very calm manner and made me feel very at ease. I found the hypnosis very relaxing and comfortable and I couldn’t believe how different I felt, more relaxed and confident, even after two sessions!. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”


Patrick said:

“Some of the techniques I have also used in other areas of my life and has overall made feelings of anxiety more manageable on a day to day basis. I would highly recommend Michael – thank you.”


Martha said:

“Michael made me feel at ease very quickly. He was understanding and supportive. He helped me develop techniques to manage the challenges I have been facing. I will forever be grateful for his support and kindness.”


 “Thank you Michael for helping me to address my longstanding anxiety and all of the impacts that was having on my life. Your support has enabled me to find a way forward and dramatically improved my wellbeing. I wish I’d found you sooner.”

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